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Thursday March 26, 2009

As for some real news, I've put my DS development on the back burner for a short time while I work on both a new project, and an old one.

The new project is a programme similar to Delicious Library. With this, one can simply hold a product's UPC up to a webcam, which will scan it, then go to the internet and download information about the product.

The old project, started back in 2005, is essentially the grandchild of HLstats. (ie. more games, or not even games; websites, or anything with standardized log output) Envisioned originally as a modular successor of HLstats by the development team, the idea died a few months later due to various conflicts within UnitedAdmins. I've done a few random spurts of work on it over the last year or two, but not nearly as much as in the last two weeks.


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